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Sing Japan: Japanese Tutorials
Lesson 5: Simple Vocab 
22nd-Dec-2010 07:20 pm
Beautiful Girl
 Since you've already learned word order, it's time you've had vocabulary to be able to form your own sentences.
*Remember, wa comes after the subject, o come after the object in a sentence.

Watashi - I
Watashi no - My
Kimi - You
*He and She doesn't exist in Japan, you'd say the person's name instead.
Desu - is/are/am
*Verbs are only conjugated into past tense form. Plural form or person doesn't exist in Japan.
Ano - That

Aka(i) - Red
Orenji - Orange
Kiiro(i) - Yellow
Midori - Green
Ao(i) - Blue
Murasaki - Purple
Pinku - Pink
Mizuiro - Sky Blue
Chairo(i) - Brown
Shiro(i) - White
Haiiro(i) - Grey
Kuro(i) - Black

Inu - Dog
Neko - Cat
Sora - Sky
Riku - Land
Kusa - Grass
Ki - Tree
Tabemono - Food
Mizu - Water
Hon - Book
Terebi - Television
Pen - Pen


With this lesson, you will be able to form your own sentences. You'd probably say something like the cat is black, Neko wa kuroi desu, or the black cat, Kuroi neko.
*If you'd like to make it plural, The cats are black, you'd say the same exact thing, Neko wa kuroi desu. Like I said before, plural doesn't really exist in Japan. It does, however, if you really want to make it clear. Just add the suffix -tachi to the subject. Neko-tachi wa kuroi desu. The verb desu does not change even if you make it clear there is more than one subject.

This lesson is only a few vocab to satisfy those "Japanese urges" you get. Real vocab will be up next so be ready.
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